Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday night update


1) Many have asked about visiting, and I hadn't known what to say. David enjoys visits so much, yet he has struggled with a constant headache for more than 36 hours, which has also triggered nausea, so he feels pretty icky and tired from that (all of which he hides pretty well). I saw him late tonight and asked him what would be best for him. He told me how uplifting the visits have been and that while people are there he is so distracted from his headache that he feels free of it. Also, as of this evening he is being given a more powerful medication for his headache, and it is doing the job better without making him groggy - with the headache under control, so is the nausea. So please do visit! He has really felt encouraged and surrounded by love and has had his spirit lifted through the visits of loving friends and family and pastors.

2) I've had questions about how the boys are doing. So far so good - in fact, better than good. David and I were both worried early on (see end of original post), but I think David's positive attitude and sense of humor are helping the boys to know that Dad's still Dad and has just suffered a setback and will be back to his regular old self as time goes by. Their trust in God is strong, and I think it is growing through this experience. They too know the support is there from friends and family just as David and I do, and I think they are able to rest in that (even if they wouldn't be able to put it in those words). They are so happy to see Grandma!! Caleb sure thought it was cool to get to spend the day with Uncle Tim Saturday. Our routine is changing daily as we find our way in a new pattern (wow - hard to believe it hasn't even been 72 hours yet - almost seems like a few months since Friday morning!), but they are rolling with the punches and rising to the occasion.

3) I've been asked how I'm doing - actually shockingly well - so well that I'm almost worried that I'm not doing worse (if that makes sense). To some degree it still doesn't seem entirely real, and I think that helps. I am tired. I'm having trouble sleeping, and that makes it hard; I want to be rested and strong for David and the boys. I'm not kept awake so much by worry as just by having a sense of needing to be alert I guess - alert for what I'm not sure, a change in David? A need my kids have that I don't anticipate? I find it's almost like my brain has been rewired, though. I CANNOT think more than one day ahead, and that is so not like me. I'm always planned FAR in advance. My mom asked me last night what plans were for dinner Wednesday, and it seemed like she had asked what the weather forecast was for planet Jupiter or something. Wednesday seems that far away. Tomorrow we begin our first school week with all its routines, and I think it's going to take a couple of days to get a feel for it, but I am confident it will come together well.

I need to add to that: I would NOT be doing well at all were I not surrounded by such love and support from so many. There is no way I could handle this alone, no way. I would be falling apart entirely.

As to prayer, right now we are giving thanks for new medication that is giving David relief from that persistent headache and nausea, and, as he anticipates having the internal echocardiogram tomorrow (for which he will be fully sedated) we pray that will go well and that it will give answers as to what has caused David's stroke and also his TIA earlier in the year - and information as to how to prevent this from happening again in the future.
PS I have a few favorite pictures of David I hope to put up tomorrow with my update. I've been reflecting on how significantly life has changed so quickly. Two weeks ago we were hiking as a family at our favorite spot in the foothills (see pictures). We enjoyed the day but had no idea how special it was; it was easy to take for granted. Although we are confident we will hike together again like that we don't yet know when. That's a rather strange sensation.


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi!
Your update was so good to read this morning. Isn't it wonderful to have a "Blessings Perspective"?
As I write this I'm praying that you are getting some restful sleep (it's 3:45 a.m. your time) and that Monday will be a good day for all. Thanks for the updates! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heidi,

I just heard about David this morning. I cried. I am truly so sorry. David will never know the true role he has played in the life of our family....Simply, he is a gift to our souls and it is a privilege to get to pray for all of you now as you walk down this road. If I can be of any help in terms of driving the boys to or from school, call me. 406-8769...if Troy doesn't answer, leave a message and we will get right back to you...
God Bless you, my precious sister in the Lord. Please give your husband a great big Galloway hug...!!

Know that we are praying....

Traci Galloway for all the Galloway Family