Sunday, November 04, 2007

David update Sunday morning

Mom arrived safely. It is SO good to have her here. I'm so grateful, and I know it was good for both her and David to get to SEE each other.

David is looking much better this morning than he did last night. Apparently the headache and nausea he was experiencing is to be expected as blood flow returns and the brain experiences some element of swelling. He still has the headache, but they are better able to manage it for him today than they were last night.

He was moved out of ICU this morning. He has a private room.

We have recognized another thing to add to our list of blessings and that is that the stroke occurred in a place in the brain that did not affect his personality or cognition. He is so himself - so positive - taking it all in stride. This would be so much harder were he not able to be who he is.

He is gaining more ability to move. He still cannot tell what movement he is making if he is not looking at his limb, but he can now almost touch his hand to his face, and he was nowhere near being able to do that last night. So we are encouraged by the progress.

We are also encouraged that this is being pursued so aggressively. Tomorrow he will have that internal echocardiogram, and if that does not show enough for them to discern the cause they will send him to the Bay Area (UCSF?) to have more extensive testing done.

We are so thankful for all the love that has been and is being showed to us and for all the prayers being lifted up. We feel so supported!


Anonymous said...

Wow...we were out of town this weekend. My mom left a message for me to check your blog. Oh my...may God bless you and your family and know that we are here for you, Dave and the boys!!!
We are praying for a speedy, full recovery. Paula & family

PS My mom works at the hospital tomorrow and will stop by to check on you and David.

Tony said...

I'm glad to hear that Mom arrived safely! Thanks for the update and the blessing perspective you and Dave share. I'm so glead to hear that today was a day of improvement! We are praying that that will continue!

Say hello to Mom and let her know that if there is anything she needs done over here while she is with you to just let us know!

You've got our love and prayers!

Betty Schripsema said...

Heidi -Please give David our love. We are praying for more progress for him every day and strength for you as you support him. Jeanie and David

Betty Schripsema said...

Heidi -Please give David our love. We are praying for more progress for him every day and strength for you as you support him. Jeanie and David

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to hear tonight about David's improvement since last night. I can't imagine my active brother being unable to be on the move. But I CAN imagine him having a great attitude in spite of the situation. Heidi, you sound good, and your updates are what I look forward to most each day. I love hearing your testimonies to God's love and activity in your lives. Our love to you all. With much prayer,
Joan and Family

P.S. - the girls are eager to know how their cousins are doing.

Jeff Meyer said...

We're thankful for your reports, Heidi, and glad this one can include some word of positive progress. I think all of your Michigan family wishes we could be with you guys, but we sent our finest representation... Mom. I'm glad her travels went well.
Our prayers continue and know that you are all thought of often with much love.
Jeff & Vicki

Anonymous said...

We are happy to hear of the progress David is making. We will continue to pray that he will recover quickly.

Thank-you for all your up-dates. We will pass the up-dates along to Tom's parents and brother. We will continue to pray for God's blessing and strength for you, David, and the boys.


Anonymous said...

Well, there is love beaming across to you all now from Australia, too. Hello Heidi! I just received an email from Joanie who let me know what had happened. My brother in law, an artist, had a stroke last year, and has taught himself to walk again. I am so glad you are in good hands, David, and that Aunty Jo is there now for the children. Lots of love from us.
Alison and family.