Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Normal (for now)

It feels as of this morning that we have settled into our new normal. I know that will shift again Sunday as David's mom flies back to MI and the boys and I figure out how to pick up all the slack of what she has been doing so consistently and automatically (dishes, laundry, etc.). Her visit has really allowed us to get our feet on the ground so that next week we will be able to take that step up.

The last two days had been very hard for me, but I feel I've hit my stride again this morning. For the first time since David's stroke on November 2, I find myself able to do my assigned readings with a degree of comprehension. Last night I was in panic mode, because my computer gave up the ghost - poor timing - really poor timing! My computer is like my right arm - need it for my teaching, my studies, connections (like this blog). My brother just left the house having loaned me his laptop and set it all up for me. YEA Tim! YOU ROCK!!

We are so thankful for people standing in the gap for us in so many ways like this.

I've printed out the comments you've left on the blog and taken them to David. As he was reading through them he said they were bringing him to tears (good tears!). They've been such a support and encouragement to me as well.

David had a very special event this morning. The men from his Bible study came to English Oaks at 6am to continue their regular study at their regular time in a place where he can be too. They told him they'll be willing to come back next week and the week after and whatever it takes. That small, faithful group has been such a source of encouragement and support and joy to him over the years - so wonderful that that piece of normalcy in his life can continue for him.

At least for the next few days I think (I hope!) we are going to be rolling along without much change, so I will probably not be updating as often - but certainly will post if there is any change or any news. (Now that I can study, I think I'd better put in a pretty concerted effort to catch up!)

What we know about the future so far is that David will see his cardiologist in town on Monday, November 26. At that time we'll talk about the testing he will need in the Bay Area and will be talking more about his future in terms of heart surgery.

Caleb (10) has his soccer tournament this weekend. David is hoping that he can get a 4-hour pass to get out and watch Caleb play and support him as he finishes his season. (And I'm sure David will feel he's gone to Heaven just being able to sit outside at a park or field!) Hopefully that will be able to come about. I'm hoping too we'll be able to get a pass for him to leave for a while to come to Thanksgiving at my grandpa's house.
Since I probably will not be posting as often in upcoming days I am going to let this one get a bit longer by expressing a thought I've had - AND linking to pictures! :-) When David had his TIA in January I did some research. I found that a first-time TIA can be a warning that a major stroke will occur within the next 6 months to a year. That was quite worrisome, but David recovered so immediately and so well from that (was back to work the next day, I think), that our fears soon went away, and we both chalked it up to a fluke.

We celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary this past June and had a wonderful trip to Cancun (click here to see pictures). It was unlike anything we had ever done before - and a really special experience. At that time there was yet a nagging little fear that something might happen to him while we were out of the country. Thankfully, it did not, and once that time had passed both David and I moved on, not really giving his TIA a second thought. Well, of course, now he has had that major stroke, and the TIA was, in fact, a warning. I am now even MORE grateful for the time we were able to have together celebrating 20 years of marriage - having the health then to enjoy all the opportunities there - snorkeling together, sailing together, exploring Mayan ruins together, kayaking, swimming, beach volleyball, boating . . .


Anonymous said...

What a treat to get to see all the great pictures of your trip to Cancun. What a great experience!
The men from Bible Study gave David quite a gift today...what a testament to the friendship they share. Any of those guys want to pose as the patient so David can escape?!:) I was glad to hear of the possibility of "day passes" out of there. I am sure that would do David a world of good!
I am glad you are "back in your groove" so to speak.
Take Care, and tell David hi for us.
Jerry and Tiffany

Amelia said...

Meyer family,

I'm glad to hear that the chaos is smoothing out now. However, please remember that you and your family are still being prayed for!

As I type this, I am distracted by a small flutter outside my window; there is a hummingbird drinking nectar from the lemon blossoms in our tree. I feel honored to witness it. Miracles occur daily!

One of the blessings that can arise out of adversity is a greater awareness of how many people love you. I hope this has manifested itself, and continues to, to each of you. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are improving! A lot has happened with you since we were out of town for four days. Know you have our support and prayers.

The Bos Fam

Anonymous said...

I had peeked at the pictures you had posted earlier of your 20 years together and enjoyed them, but haven't looked at the ones specifically from Cancun. I remember you telling me what a wonderful time you had there and am so happy that you have such a great memory. Am absolutely delighted that the men from Bible Study are willing to go to David and he has the possiblity of "day passes"! What a joy. Glad to hear you're feeling more "normal" as well. Talk to you soon --