Monday, November 05, 2007

post-test update

- real quick:

David made it through the test with no discomfort. Yea!

The test results were not what we were hoping for. They do show a small hole between chambers in his heart, but apparently they had seen that back in January and don't consider it to be the source of the problem. They did find that the right side of his heart is enlarged, and it should not be in a person his age. They don't have an explanation for it.

Because of the results they are scheduling him for more testing this afternoon - an external echo - and at some point a cardiac CT scan to check the arteries around his heart.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry the test results from this morning were not what you/we were hoping for. Hopefully you will have the further testing results soon. What a lot of testing, waiting and wondering. We pray that you are resting in the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is in control. He loves you, David and the boys very much. We do, too!