Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thurs. Afternoon David Update

I'm being naughty. I'm procrastinating on doing my homework and am blogging instead.

I have a statistics lab due in less than half an hour, but this is the first time I have looked at my homework since David had a stroke, and it looks to me like it is written in Coptic. It seems like something from centuries ago and worlds away. I can't seem to get my brain to go in that direction at all. Even when I am not thinking consciously about our situation my mind must just be working on it. I have never made such mistakes in teaching as I have made this week. In the past no matter what is going on in my life, I have been able to teach - to teach clearly, confidently and well. I've always been able to either compartmentalize or multitask. This is just a whole different ballgame.

Thankfully I have a bright group of students who catch me when I make an error, and we fix it, and we move on. I'm thankful for how gracious my students have been.

On Friday night, the night of David's stroke, I was up all night wanting to DO something. I wrote my professors and told them I would most likely not be finishing out the semester and was not sure about my future in the grad program. Basically I was clearing my plate in order to be totally available to David and the boys. When I told David in ICU the next day, he was appalled and said, "Don't you dare! You've put too much into this!" So, I am going to try to continue. I hope I can get my ability to focus and to perform well in classrooms both as teacher and as student. If I can just get a couple of good nights of sleep in, I think I can.

OK, now about David - not much new to relate. We are learning to nod our head and smile and then entirely disregard everything we are told about when he is going to be discharged and to where he is going to be discharged. Yesterday and today we've been hearing he was being discharged (perhaps home) TODAY. Now we hear he is "definitely" going to a rehab facility, and that it might be today (I doubt it at this point in the day) or within the next 2 to 3 days.

So, we continue to play a waiting game.

After the heart cath last night David had to lie still for 4 hours, and that was painful on his back, but he is doing well today and is happy he gets to eat (yea! no tests today!). He looks good. When I went to visit him he was sitting up in a chair. He is in a much smaller older room now, which is kind of a bummer - can't see the clock, can't see a window - but if that's the worst of it, that's not too bad. I am eager for his sake, though, for him to be discharged to a bigger, brighter place where he can work more on his physical therapy and just keep moving up!


Ellen Hansen said...

Hi Heidi and David,
I want you to know that we (my family and church) have you in our prayers. Both of you and your determination to see this through in a positive and faithful manner is a great encouragement to many.
Blessings and thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

David and Heidi,
Nelvin and Lucille gave us your blog this afternoon. All of us at Calvin Church in Muskegon are thinking about you and praying for healing for David and strength for both of you. Thanks for keeping your blog going.
Cornie & Trudi VanTol

Anonymous said...

How good to talk to Dave briefly on the phone today! I know that no window in Dave's room is a bummer, but I'm sure David fills that room with sunshine himself! Tonight I was raking leaves and remembering how David and I did so much of that in high school - and grateful for the use of arms and legs, all the while praying the same for Dave - and soon. Our love to you all!
Joan for the Hulsts

Ted and Jane said...

Dear Heidi and Dave and sons,
We are so thankful that David shows progress in his illness. We are praying for all of you. Thanks so much for your great updates. You are a brilliant writer, Heidi!
Love to all of you,
Jane and Ted