Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anthony's Graduation

On Saturday, May 24, 2014, Anthony graduated from Calvin College with a double major: Mathematics and Philosophy.  He heads to University of Oregon in the fall to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics.

 Calvin College Arena packed out for the ceremony:

Anthony being congratulated by President Michael Le Roy:

Each department has up a poster of all its grads.  Here are the posters from the philosophy and mathematics departments:

Lots of hugs and congratulations from family and friends:

Celebrating together with a very special friend, Brianna:

A sampling of pictures with some of his profs - first picture is of his research team from his freshman year (and since Professor Bolt has an Erdos Number of 8, Anthony and Rebekah now have Erdos Number 9, which is way cool!).

Good-bye to good old North Hall, home of Calvin's math department:

Leaving campus as an alumnus:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Directing Change

What a day!  Caleb and his film-making team from Enochs High School entered a student video contest called "Directing Change."  The contest was put on by "Each Mind Matters," and the categories were "Suicide Prevention" and "Ending the Silence."  More than 420 teams in the state submitted a video.  The Enochs team created a PSA on suicide prevention, and they won first place in their region, which meant they also advanced to state-level competition.

The started the day today at our county office of education to be recognized by the county school board and County Schools Superintendent Tom Chagnon.

That was an awesome way to start the day, but what was yet to come blew me away entirely.  I had no idea how big a deal this was!  It absolutely ended up being a red-carpet event!

Caleb headed up to Sacramento with his teacher, Neal Barlow, and his team.  David and I followed later.  The screening and awards were held at the Crest Theater.

 Here are actor Max Adler and producer/director/editor Bradley Buecker introducing the event.

And the Enochs team won second place in the state for their PSA "Perception."

Here's a video clip of them getting their award:

Bradley Buecker:

Caleb and team members Megan and Justin chatting with director (and future colleague?) Bradley Buecker:

In front of the state capitol building:

Here is their award-winning PSA:

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do the Lit

"Each time I hear someone say, 'Do the math,' I grit my teeth. The phrase reinforces how little awareness there is about the breadth and scope of the subject. Imagine, if you will, using 'Do the lit' as an exhortation to spell correctly."
As a mathematician, I can attest that my field is about ideas above anything else. Ideas that inform our existence, and permeate our universe and beyond, that can surprise and enthrall."
Prof. Manil Suri (NYT 9/15/13)

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Turn an Envious Look

Fish in the Unruffled Lakes

    Fish in the unruffled lakes
    Their swarming colours wear,
    Swans in the winter air
    A white perfection have,
    And the great lion walks
    Through his innocent grove;
    Lion, fish and swan
    Act, and are gone
    Upon Time's toppling wave.

    We, till shadowed days are done,
    We must weep and sing
    Duty's conscious wrong,
    The Devil in the clock,
    The goodness carefully worn
    For atonement or for luck;
    We must lose our loves,
    On each beast and bird that moves
    Turn an envious look.

    Sighs for folly done and said
    Twist our narrow days,
    But I must bless, I must praise
    That you, my swan, who have
    All gifts that to the swan
    Impulsive Nature gave,
    The majesty and pride,
    Last night should add
    Your voluntary love.
W. H Auden