Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hmm . . .

Well, it's nearly 2am, and I should be in bed trying to sleep, but I think I hit a point of critical mass today and really need to do some readjusting to make this work.

A friend caught me up short saying to me, "Your life ISN'T normal right now, so stop acting like it is!"

I guess I don't know how else to act, but it became clear today that I need to figure it out. I've been trying so hard to keep things normal for the boys, but my friend is absolutely right: life ISN'T normal right now.

I'll try to fill in more details in a future post, but David had a surpising result at his neurology appointment today. His neurologist does not want him to have heart surgery. (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there to ask why or what risk he might be concerned about - my absence at an appointment is not something that will happen again the future - part of the readjustment that needs to happen.) This outcome was surprising to us, because the cardiologist has made it abundantly clear all along how necessary the heart surgery is - stating that although it is a bummer David had to have a stroke and has to go through the work to regain function on his left side that it was a blessing because it brought to light this heart defect that is the real problem and that needs to be fixed before something "really bad" happens.

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