Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time Out!(doors)

In the midst of a busy fall, we found we needed a "time-out." It was so good for all of us to get away from the paperwork and housework and reconnect with the great outdoors! To do this we went to one of our favorite places which we love for its natural beauty and history (connected with the mid-1800's California Goldrush).





nethe said...

Uh, I LOVE pictures. That place is fantastic. And look at the weather. -It might be that way "all the time" in Cali, but here on the top of the woulrd the winter is setting in, and the polar night is creeping closer too. I need hot chocolate, I want good books, I hope for Northern Light and no coluds...

Heidi said...


And here I am feeling that the days are so short because it's getting dark by about 7pm now.

I must say curling up with a good book while it's dark outside sounds GREAT, but I wouldn't want the darkness to last for months.

I imagine the Northern Lights are amazing. I've never seen them.

Here's something that will make you laugh. There was this neat magic trick I did as a kid. My mom would watch the weather forecast, and if the temps were going to get below freezing at night, she'd tell me to put a glass of water outside. When I got up in the morning it was ice! MAGIC!!