Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Timeline News

Well, I wrote yesterday that the cushion of shock is wearing off a bit and reality is coming through, but it's not fully real yet either, partly because we keep getting new reality to wrap our minds around.

The assumption when David went into English Oaks is that he would be there for a week for rehab; that sounded really long. The therapist who worked with him this morning told him it would need to be three weeks. SO, at this point I think David is really going to need prayer for his spirits to remain high. He was hoping to come home straight from the hospital and have a PT come to the house. He accepted the fact that he had to go to a rehab facility. Now he has to adjust to a stay three times as long as he had orginally thought.

Although my head is processing this and understanding it, my heart has continued to FEEL that he is just gone for a long weekend. I need to fully internalize, head and heart, that he's not just coming home real soon. My heart just isn't there yet.


Amy said...

Sorry to hear the discouraging news! Hopefully the therapy that Dave is receiving will make the stay worth it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your disappointing news today. We will continue to hope and pray that his daily improvements will be greater than the therapists predict.
Love, Jerry and Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

Are prayers are still with you and your family. Praise the Lord for what is happening to your husband. Even thou he has to be there for 3 weeks, look what he has come throu. He will be home before you know it. That is great the you got a big hug from him. Try and get some sleep and know that he is in good hands. You do have 3 kids to take care of as well.
Your Friend

Charly Garza said...

Heidi and Dave,

The sovereignty of our God is a shelter in the storm. Remember, that those that God foreknew He also predestined TO BECOME CONFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF HIS SON, and those He predestined, He called, and those he called He justified, and those who He justified He glorified. God has a plan for each one of us with regard to how he is going to conform our entire being to the image of Christ. This particulare event is how His perfect plan is being manifested in our world. You are both His beloved children that He has love from eternity past. Rest in God's sovereignty and the promise that these momentary trials are nothing to be compared to the riches that we have through Christ our Lord; the forgiveness of sin and peace with the Father. Our family and church family will be praying for you. May His grace be sufficient for you and your family.

Charly Garza
Rom. 9:16

Krista Hudson said...

Hello Heidi and Dave!

I guess it's my turn to cheer you guys on! :o) Just wanted to send you and the kids my thoughts and prayers! Although the most recent news of Dave's extended stay in rehab sounds discouraging, I'm sure it will benefit Dave and the rest of you in the long run. Please tell him to keep his spirits high and to continue working hard because there is a marathon waiting for him after his recovery!!! After this, the marathon will be a piece of cake! Heidi, Dave is lucky to have you by his side. Just remember to take care of yourself as well! As hard as this is for Dave, it is often just as hard, if not harder, for the families. You are a rock! Hang in there and God Bless you all!!

Krista Hudson (Osterli)

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Thank you so much for your posts. They give us much insight as to how we can best be praying for Dave, you and your boys. Three weeks seems like such a long time and yet they do want him to be ready to come back home, stronger and better prepared. We'll continue to pray for that strength and improvement for him day by day. And we lift you up as you continue holding down the fort at home with the kids and your school responsibilities too. I hope you are getting some much needed rest and that God's peace and strength will be keenly felt as you take this all one day at a time.