Thursday, November 29, 2007



For the first time in 4 weeks he once again LIVES in our house. Looking back, the time away seems both long and short. In talking with a friend last night, when I said David had been gone 4 weeks he said, "Has it been 4 weeks?! It seemed like about 2." Yet I know David is probably aware of exactly how many HOURS it has been! For me and the boys it has been both, because it's been hard to have Dad gone, which made it long, but it's also been WAY busier than usual, which has made time fly.

What the near future holds in store is continued physical therapy for David especially involving work on his fine motor skills, adjustment to home life, and a visit from David's brother Dan who will be flying in on Sunday and staying until Friday. We are so grateful that Dan is going to do this. He'll be flying in from Baltimore and then flying back for just a couple of days before moving to Singapore! We're so glad he has this space of time in which he is willing and able to be with us. His presence here will be very helpful to us in making the adjustment to David being home (and while the boys and I are yet finishing out our semesters).

In the somewhat more distant future there will be some sort of medical intervention to repair the defect(s?) in his heart. We understand that that will not happen for 2 to 4 months, because he needs to be fully recovered from his stroke before surgery. The Coumadin should keep him from having another stroke in the meantime. In one sense it is a good thing we have time before that is going to happen, because we continue to get conflicting reports from doctors. The cardiologist left a phone message yesterday that was different from what he had told us in the office 3 days ago which was different from what he told us in the hospital, all of which was different from what the neurologist told us. Now that David is no longer an inpatient at English Oaks we are free to make an appointment with his primary care physician in order to get some of this interpreted and clarified for us. We will also be making a call to UCSF to do some further exploration on our own.

We still have a journey ahead, but stage one of the journey is complete, and we wish to thank all of you for prayers, well-wishes, cards, visits, and help during David's hospitalization. All of these things have been so very helpful to David and to our whole family.



Anonymous said...

~ Stacey

Amelia said...

Congratulations, Meyers!

You have all come a long way! You're doing great! The race isn't over yet, so don't give up. Hang in there!

Thanks for the inspiration you have all provided for the many people who are cheering each of you on.


The Sylvie Day family said...

Dear David and family,

The boys, Ken and I were so struck when we found out of David's stroke. What a shock! The boys were very sad and it touched me how they have loved seeing David. I asked them at their last Math Olympiads and one of the Math Study halls "so how was it today?" and the answer came from both:"not the same without Mr. Meyer...not as fun!" (well, fun is important in 11-13 year old boys you know...).
They ask me how is Mr. Meyer. Will he be there at the next coordination appointment? So, I have to say no with much disappointment. It is sweet to see that even a few hours here and there make a big difference in the lives of our children who get attached to the one who takes care of them at Hickman, their coordinator, who exudes mercy, compassion, understanding and true care.
I guess I am saying that we do miss David very much.
We are so happy that he is recovering his motor skills and coming home. Oh, what a joy to have our loved ones come home.

Our family wish you all the most tender moments, filled with appreciation and thankfulness for what and who God has given us.

Take care of David. Take care of yourselves. Don't forget to rest.

THe Day Family

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home David!

Brittany's birthday is today, and she informed us that this news was her favorite part of her day.

I don't know if I shared this with you before or not, but Nicole told us on Thanksgiving Day that this was her "favorite ever" because she got to see Mr. Meyer back in church.

As you can see, your family's courage,determination, and grace have truly impacted many lives. Thank you for a job well done!

Love Jerry and Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Great news! I bet home has never felt better!

Enjoy being there, as well as the visit with your brother.

Lori & Steve