Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tues. Night Update on David

When I visited David tonight I asked him if there was anything he'd like me to post here, and he said, "Thank you to everyone."

There is very little new to report. His neurologist came by today and said he is pleased with David's progress.

We do not yet have news on David's cardio CT scan today. David thinks the cardiologist is waiting until after the heart catheterization tomorrow in order to consider both tests before expressing the results. All we know about the CT scan is that they got good, clear pictures. It sounds like the heart cath won't be done until afternoon tomorrow, so I'm not sure when we will hear the results.
PS I've been told a couple of times in recent days that people are appreciating seeing pictures. This may be overkill, but if you'd like to see more pictures, click here. There are 20 or more pictures here of our life together that I put up in celebration of our 20th anniversary this year. If you do decide to check them out, I hope you enjoy them or at least get a laugh out of the 80's styles in some of them!


Anonymous said...

Heidi and David - I continue to pray for you all. May God guide you and bless you through this time.

Please call on me for anything I can help with.

Brian Sanders

Lisa B said...

Hi Heidi -- Wow, what an awesome thing a blog can be in times like these! You amaze me, you technological woman! You must mentor me! Really though, I have appreciated keeping up with David's progress by your daily reports, and it reminds me to pray and how to pray for him and you! I wish I was "in town" -- you know I'd be bringing you meals and doing everything I could to help you. Hey, I loved looking at all the pictures!