Monday, November 19, 2007

Motivation! :-)

Ironically, although he had been training for months, David had just registered (and paid) for the marathon a few days before his stroke. He called today to see if he could get a refund (I'm thinking having had a stroke is a pretty good excuse!). They won't refund his money, but they will put it towards his registration for next year's marathon. That certainly gives him something to shoot for - and knowing that he's already paid for it will give David extra motivation to be there running it when the time comes!


Amelia said...

I'm sure he'll be up and running in no time! David has shown so much improvement in his arm already, and I'm sure his leg will be soon to follow. He's a trooper!

Incidentally, what a shocking lesson this has been to make us all realize how much we rely on him. Thanks, David!

Our prayers are still with all of you.


Heidi said...

It is amazing how many people rely on David in so many ways!! I discovered another small way this morning in my life too, and it had to do with my teaching rather than home and family.

I'm teaching a math class for future elementary teachers, and we're covering fractions. David is the fraction manipulatives GURU, so I always go to him at this point in the semester to borrow his manipulatives and other materials and to get a quick refresher on how best to teach fractions to elementary students - what his experience is actually working year after year WITH elementary students, so that I can pass that on to my future teachers and have it be as relevant as possible to their classrooms.

It's a little thing, but yet another reminder of how he is just always there in EVERY aspect of my life - big, little - at home, away from home - everywhere!