Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunny Disposition

I noticed yesterday that my first calla lily of the year is blossoming. That always brings me joy! They are my favorite flower - the simple lines and purity - the classic spiral shape - just gorgeous! I feel very peaceful just looking at them.Given the cold and stormy weather conditions in much of the rest of the country I hadn't been posting pictures of our nice warm conditions - didn't want to pour salt in the wound, but when I said that to David last night, he said, "What do mean you're worried about making THEM feel bad?!" He's suffering from a bit of "snow envy" over here - well - more than a "bit," actually.Since my post yesterday was so serious and to some degree negative, I thought I'd put up a sunny, joyful post today (BUT will warn you there is more deep math-education discussion to come!! It IS serious and has to do with whether our future is going to be sunny and bright - metaphorically speaking.)I thought I should pull back for a shot of the palm tree behind the orange tree - this being California - albeit north-central California and not beach countryThe oranges are particularly tasty this year - good crop! Come visit and you can have one! :-)

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