Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've been hard at work on my thesis, but Anthony and I took a break today to recharge our geek batteries :-) We'd been looking forward to this new set, Conflux, coming out and are enjoying the fact that the store in our area does pre-releases now. As you can see we were not the only ones looking forward to it - quite a crowd!Sorry (especially to Anthony!) for the poor quality pictures. I hope the fun we had comes through nonetheless. Oh, we both lost big time but had lots of fun! We're hoping to take in the release next Friday. Good times!!

The one picture I really wanted and didn't get was of the guy I played first who was wearing a fuzzy pink hat with brown antlers sticking out of it. What happened to the standard goth-like black trench-coat look? Ah well, I guess even geeks have to establish their own identity!


Anonymous said...

Besides females play these games? I didn't see a single female in the pictures, or a pink fuzzy hat! P-

Heidi said...

Not many, which is kinda cool - makes me feel unique!

I really wanted a picture of the pink hat guy but was too shy to ask and didn't happen to catch him in my other photos.

I know some other family members used to be into this - Uncle David, his boys - also Scott and Peter?? Uncle David taught me - late into the night one night when we were visiting them in Illinois - fun times!

Anonymous said...

We've had a Magic revival in our house lately. We dug into my massive collection and decided to sort everything. I have lots of foreign cards; german, french, spanish, portuguese, chinese, japanese and korean, so we separated those out to sell on e-bay. Keith wanted to learn so we are playing again. We also play online.

Uncle D

Heidi said...


It's too bad we are at such a distance!

Anthony and I are really liking this new set. I'm sure you have TONS of old cards, though and don't need new stuff.

At first when Anthony got me back into it I was frustrated with all the new abilities. It bugged me - almost seemed like a marketing ploy - gotta stay in it or you lose it - but I picked it up really fast again even having missed everything between Ice Age and Mirrodin (or whatever).

He and I went to the release event Friday. The promo card, Obelisk of Alara, is awesome. I got a good draw - 2 mythic rares - all of my rares being "Esper" - part of the black/white/blue shard (lots of artifact stuff).

Way back when you taught me (and kept Tim-ing me but keeping me alive so I could learn - remember that?), I didn't know what it meant that you went to tournaments. Now Anthony and I are becoming old pros.

Jacob could, but he hates crowds, so he stays home and plays here.

Good to know you're back into it. The more I play the more I realize what a great game it is - wonderful fantasy and also great for developing strategy and working your mind!!