Thursday, January 08, 2009

Find the Cube

Well, it's back to reality. While I'm reminiscing about my much-beloved and just-ended vacation, you can use this post as a challenge. In how many pictures can you spot a Rubik's cube?

GAMES - as always - were a big part of the holidays.
Ooh! NICE Rook hand Anthony!Catch Phrase!We had a chance to get in some Heroscape, which always makes Jacob happy!It's a pretty cool game!Here is our Christmas tree.We had a lovely lasagna dinner at Mom and Dad's (Grandma and Grandpa's).Caleb even brought our pet mice (as members of the family) and had gifts for them too!Notice the little pink treat to the right of Munin's face.The joy of giving (and getting! :-)!! We had our own little party at home too.I'll even put up a picture of myself.I got lots of cool geeky math and gaming stuff - YEA!!The mice got to be in the living room for this party too!The mice got worn out from all the partying and had to relax.This gift is SO Jacob!!And I'm happy to say the oranges on our tree are finally ripe. YUMMY!

So, that was it - lots of parties, gifts, sleeping in, movies, games, (also church services, of course - the reason for the season - but I don't have pictures of those!).

OK, how many times did you see the Rubik's Cube in the pictures??


David Meyer said...


Heidi said...

Ooh - so guarded in your answer! Any other responses or do we agree with David and let him be the winner of the Find the Cube contest?

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