Thursday, March 22, 2007

Of a Certain Age

When one is 41 and receives a senior discount, there is a tug inside between joy and depression - joy at saving money and depression at being thought much older than one is.

If this happens once, it can be considered a fluke -- twice, not so much -- a third time -- well, as they say, the third time's the charm. At that point one realizes this is going to continue from here on out -- no -- no -- not for me -- certainly not for ME!! :-)

It's my husband I'm referring to. I get the sense he's found this experience only slightly demoralizing, since his characteristic frugality is stronger than his vanity -- he's actually quite a humble man -- so, for the most part he's at peace with this. (Right, hubby?)

From now on when we're out together we'll just always make sure he's the one paying!

Perhaps we should set aside the savings for our retirement -- which is yet many years in the future!

And while we wait he is looking more and more distinguished by the day! Ooh la la!!
By the way, I feel I can tease him a little bit since I've already poked fun at myself in my post "Practical Joke." Fair is fair, after all!


Tony said...

How does it feel to be married to a senior citizen?!

Heidi said...

I think David is just reaching his prime. I LOVE the distinguished look! (He thinks I'm just trying to make him feel good when I tell him that, but I really mean it!)

When I posted this I wondered if you might be jealous of the discounts! Alas, if so, you will just have to content yourself with your youthfulness. :-)

David Meyer said...

Ooh la la!!?