Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Rocket to the Moon

When I was in kindergarten there was a bulletin board with a moon on it. Students who knew all their letters got a rocket to the moon with their name on it put up on the bulletin board. I guess I was a bit dyslexic in kindergarten. I knew all my letters, but I could never keep "m" and "w" straight. When the teacher would show the flashcards and one of those would come up I would always guess - must have been a poor guesser too!

I never got my rocket to the moon. :-(

I never had any dyslexia problems after that . . .

. . . until now.

Check out the symbols that are used daily in my math class. We use them so often I can now no longer write a three. I'm never sure which way it goes, and when I have to write an epsilon (the mirror image of 3), I end up writing a three instead!

Oh well, no rocket for the moon for me, I guess!

1 comment:

nethe said...

That´s so funny :-)
Maybe you have the same problem as me...
Up until I was 7, I would mirror write if not concentrating.
At Uni, a genetics course left me so deep in thought, I started doing it again. Quite funny notes from those classes!
You are left handed too, right?
-Uh! Or maybe it´s a curse of the August 27th ? :-)