Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Practical Joke

Look, I was hungry, alright?!

Soup sounded good, but you need quite a bit of soup to fill you up if you're hungry, especially if the soup you have left over is just chicken broth and vegetables.

My family had already eaten, so I had a choice in how to prepare this meal for myself. I could heat it up in a pan and then serve it to myself small bowl after small bowl - thus making a pan, a ladle, a bowl and a spoon dirty - OR I could heat it up in a large bowl and eat it out of that - fewer dirty dishes, same amount of food. That sounds practical to me.I thought nothing of it, but when I sat down at the table my husband was absolutely aghast and got out a camera to take a picture of the shocking sight.

I thought it was practical; he thought it was hillarious, so there you have it, a "practical joke"!

(I must admit, I do look like quite a glutton, but, come on, it's just chicken broth and vegetables! Besides, I'm a mathematician. Finding short-cuts is what math is all about! It's what I do! You got a problem with that - meet me outside! I'll be there just as soon as I'm done with my soup.)


David Meyer said...

Realize that a picture cannot capture how large that bowl really is. It is a serving bowl which is usually used to serve a salad or such. It really was a hillarious sight! =)

Anonymous said...

You must still be eating that soup 'cause I've been outside and you weren't there!

Anonymous said...

Oops. I forgot to let you know that I'm anonymous.


Heidi said...

As David commented, it really is a VERY large bowl.

Hold on - I'm nearly done.

As soon as I finish, I'll begin walking east. You can begin to head west. I'm guessing we'll meet up in the vicinity of Colorado in about July. Then we'll settle matters!

Look out, dude, these are some hearty vegetables!

Nethe said...

I’m glad none of you see how I eat every day then...
Living on my own without a dishwasher, and being very practical -though not exactly mathematical-, I most often eat out of a large bowl or Tupperware box. It makes perfect sense. See, I make enough for a nice family dinner, preferably something that takes only a pan OR a pot to make). Then I put it in a large box, taking one portion out. I put the large box in the fridge (maybe leave it outside in the snow for a while to cool down). The portion of the day I heat (in a separate, and smaller, bowl) in the microwave. Same goes for the next days till there’s noting left of the big one. The little bowl, the fork, knife, and water glass, are the same for the entire period, making for very little washing of dishes!
Most of my family and friends are laughing (and -out of pity?- inviting me frequently to dine with them), but I am really just being PRACTICAL!