Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Have Dessert - on Me!

Not only is it a wonderful treat, but it's "NO-cal."

March 14 is Pi Day. CLICK HERE for your cost-free, calorie-free pi(e) for the celebration! Try some different varieties.

(Realize that you can choose your own notes as well as the scales listed as buttons, thus making your own "pi-tunes." If you select only two notes, such as C, G, C, G, C, G, C, G, C, G, you can hear the distribution of evens and odds in pi. I've named that the swirl - like a swirl ice-cream cone of vanilla and chocolate. I also favor the C major flavor of pi offered.)

Happy Pi Day!

With thanks to Forrest!


Tony said...

Hey! You cheated! The date and time of your post show that you posted about pi day before it was actually pi day. At least I waited until it was actually 3.14 to make my post about it!

I thought of you when I realized it was Pi Day. I'm sure it is like a major holiday for you! Enjoy!

nethe said...

Hi! This is my last comment for tonight, I really should get out of the computer! you just have so much fun here, since I last visited.

About the pi(e)s. Why is it that when selecting notes in a descending-pitch fashion, it makes for a much more relaxing pi-tune, than when selecting randomly or in an increasing-pitch fashion, no matter the scales... Or is it just me?
Okay, off to bed with me!