Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Weird Words

Have you ever experienced the effect of a word getting weird on you?

Tonight I was doing some writing in which I had to use the words "boy" and "girl" over and over again. After typing them about twenty times each they began to look really strange to me. What kind of word is GIRL anyway - with that weird i-r-l ending?

My favorite color is green, but I find if I think too long about that word it becomes weird too: g-r-r-r-r-r-r-e-e-e-e-n-n. Strange.

Speaking of weird, isn't it supposed to be "i before e except after c?" So why is e before i in "weird?" I guess it's just weird.


Tony said...

Weird... Words can be strang things. I've always hated the word "luscious". I don't know why, but you will probably never hear me use it.

ellen said...

Yes!! I totally know what you're talking about! It happened to me once with my brother's name, and I couldn't shake it for days. :)

Jeff Meyer said...

Wierd --- just thought I'd try spelling it by the rule. Looks OK to me!
Yes, I got stuck on the word "pork" the other day. For me it's the "ork" part. Maybe "ork" and "irl" have something in common. Wierd!

Dan said...

Weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd, weerd!

nethe said...

Hi, Heidi - and the rest of you. Seems I can´t get off your pages tonight. Have so much to comment on :-)

Try saying a word -a noun (weird word, by the way! Seems hollow, sort of)- once. An image pops up in your mind, right? Say "chair"...
Then say that word over and over, and pretty soon the image clears and the word looses all meaning!
My brother and I would play that game and get endless giggles. He actually found the English word "brother" especially funny for some reason...

On to disliked words... I don´t like the word "view". It seems so skewed to the right side. I always spell it "wiev". "View" by the way, we Danes have adopted, still spelling it in English. We have also borrowed "juice", "weekend" and many more. The Danish collective term for such adopted words is "fremmedord", which translates to "strange(er) word". :-)
Norwegians use the word "view" too, but they´ve changed the spelling to "vju". And "tough" to "tøff", and so on. Now, those are weird words!

Sorry, I could just go on and on, I love this! Being Danish living in Norway (many weird dialects!!) having English speaking friends is an endless giggle!