Sunday, November 02, 2008

Year of Thanks

Today is the one year anniversary of David's stroke. Before saying anything else, I want to thank all those who have prayed for him and our family this past year and to thank those who continue praying as he continues to work hard at therapy and to hold out hope for full recovery.

We have so much to be thankful for! We had so many reminders this morning. Last year I was driving David's grey van - following an ambulance on a damp early morning - not knowing how to turn on the lights or the windshield wipers and not having enough light to figure it out! Thankfully that morning not many vehicles were on the road yet as I drove without lights and with my head stuck out the window to see! This morning David was driving the van on a bright morning as we all set out for church dressed up in our Sunday best - very different scenes!!

I hope to write more later, and David is planning to write on his page too, but right now we are busy with the normal things of everyday life - getting the Sunday noon meal ready. It's a miracle that we are in a position to be busy with the normal things of everyday life!

As I get on to write again, it is the end of the day - actually it is technically "tomorrow." Rather than writing more of my words about how David is doing, I will let the words David wrote of his own experience on his page stand for themselves - what it is like to be him one year after a major stroke. Tomorrow night - I mean later today! - he and I will go out to eat at Johnny Carino's to celebrate life! Today we celebrated with a game of Settlers of Catan. David's favorite way to celebrate is playing games.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea today was the Anniversary, and I got to talk with you and everything.
Thank you for sharing so much of your journey with us this past year. It is a joy to see the progress you have made. We continue to boldly pray for your complete healing.


Heidi said...

Thanks so much for those bold and ongoing prayers!!!

When David first had his stroke and so many people were praying so hard, we could actually FEEL it physically. It was as if we were being held in God's arms through the prayers of His people.

I've prayed all my life and have had people pray for me and us about other things, but I'd never experienced anything like that before!

As I write this David is busy writing a post for his page. I'm eager to see what he has to say. Usually it's me writing for him based on my interpretation of what's going on!

Good to see you today!

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