Tuesday, November 04, 2008

WOW - Many Thanks!

David and I are so humbled and grateful for the prayers that continue to be said for him and us. Our prayer pager has been going off more in the last few days - since his one-year anniversary - than it had in a while (although we had still typically been getting one or two pages a day). It's been buzzing like crazy! More people must read our blog than I had realized! It brings tears to our eyes to be upheld in this way. It also challenges us to be as faithful in prayer for others as we are seeing done for us.


Aside: This is going to be an all-male household for a few days. I leave tomorrow immediately after work for a math conference in Reno, Nevada. I'm kind of shocked that a gambling town like Reno would welcome a huge math conference. I would think they'd be worried about people being too good with probablility and statistics in that sort of group. Hmm . . .

Anyway, for those of you that are used to hearing from me regularly by email, don't worry when you don't see anything from me in your inbox for a few days (or if I don't reply right away as usual). I'm OK - just out of town and learning more math! :-)

I'm hoping there won't be snow issues in the Sierra Nevada as I make the trek over the mountains there and back. I'm not so fond of driving with chains - or in the snow for that matter.