Friday, November 21, 2008

My Time

Well, I may not have time to try to create anything like what's in my last post (nor the talent either!), but I did take time to draft with Anthony tonight. We were paired in the first round, which was kind of a bummer since it is single elimination. He beat me, BUT he won the draft. I guess it's not so bad losing to the person who won overall - especially not when he's my son. And I got a card I've been wanting since the set came out (see image) so I'm happy.

Now I'd better stay up most of the rest of the night! I usually finish grading mid-terms the day they are taken (yesterday in this case) so I can give IMMEDIATE feedback, even before class meets again, but it has been non-stop over here - mostly meetings all day, one right to the next, and stuff going on last night. I have a lot of email messages from students asking how they did. In case any of you reading this are my students, sorry - needed some mother/son bonding time - and couldn't get out of the rest of the busyness! NOW back to the tests!