Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Joy of Percent (aka Chapter 7b)

This post is intended for my students :-)Well guys, I am learning AT LEAST as much about taping and uploading video as you will be learning about percent, and I am certainly learning the hard way!! I hope that this will be a useful experiment in teaching and helpful to you in the learning process!
(If nothing else you'll probably get a good laugh out of parts of this!)

Unfortunately, as part of my learning process I have had as many things fail as succeed (how many times did Edison have to try before coming up with a working lightbulb? - same sort of thing!).

UPDATE: Yea! As of 10am Wednesday morning I can change what my next sentences had been! THANKFULLY, it is the case that 4 clips are now up. All of section 7.4 is in the form of YouTube clips. They should open up for you here. If not, go to the address given below the clip; that will take you to the YouTube site. The last clip wouldn't upload to YouTube, so it is straight from this site. Notice that with the YouTube clips you can click on a button (second to the right) to make it full screen so you can see the work more clearly. Wow! Have I ever learned A LOT!! If you learn as much about decimals as I learned in figuring this out, you'll do GREAT!

. . . and now, HERE WE GO!

Section 7.4a Percent, Decimals & Fractions (part 1)

Section 7.4b Percent, Decimals & Fractions (part 2)

Section 7.4c Percent, Decimals & Fractions (part 3)


Section 7.5 Solving Percent Problems

Section 7.6 Applications of Percent: We will take this on on Monday. The learning curve was just too steep for me to get this all filmed and uploaded this fast. Your homework is to watch the clips that are up, try any practice problems given (and select your choice of a handful of odd-numbered problems from section 7.5 to try and check your answers), and do section 7.4 as listed in the syllabus. I'll see you Monday!



Anonymous said...

THESE CLIPS ARE THE BEST!!! I know you've written a math book, but I think you'd should give some serious consideration to "publishing" some of these type of clips. You know from our conversations I am NOT a math whiz, I blame you for sucking all of the math genes from the Ferandes Family, but that's another story, but I really could very clearly understand what you were teaching. I loved the "background" information and historical facts. So much for raising my hand and saying, "so why do we do this in math?"

I'm going to have Juliana watch it this evening, and I'll report back...lucky for her, she DID get the math gene and she will think this is so cool!
Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Heidi said...


I'll be eager to hear what Juliana has to say. I think she and I need to get together!!

As to "publishing," I'd really like to move in this direction (but with some professional help!). That Reno NCTM conference I went to - with speaker Ed Burger - has me totally jazzed about turning my teaching upside down - having students do classwork (i.e. hearing lecture) at home and homework in class.

I really do need the help, though, not just in terms of quality but also time! I think it took me 24 hours to teach a 45 minute lesson!!! Seriously!

It was worth it, though, I really did learn a lot, and I'm eager to touch base with my students Monday as to how this worked for them.

Thanks for your enthusiastic comment! :-)

Nethe said...

It totally makes sense to hear lectures at home and do homework in class!
why has no one thought of this before?!
And very neat to see you in action, Heidi! You have long since "come alive" to me, but still it´s pretty cool to actually see you!

Heidi said...

How cool! And here when I put them up I just hoped no one but my students would watch - kind of a shyness factor, I think. I just had no other way of getting this to them.

I am SO jazzed about this idea that I have created a new blog that will grow over the months and years to have many topics, and this will be for my students and for anyone to access to use as tutoring. It's tough at first to work out the kinks of video-taping and uploading - of which there have been many, so hopefully the quality will get better and better as I go!

There's not much there yet, and I'm still feeling a little shy, but after such positive response here I'll share that the other blog is


Hopefully it can grow into a really good tool!

Thank you for your encouragement!

Jeff Meyer said...

Thanks for the math review, Heidi. Well done!
I just got a camera yesterday, so maybe I should use youtube to turn church upside down... sermons from home and discussion at church?
I like your creativity.

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