Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Evening Post (Part 2)

CORRECTION OF ERROR: Caleb read this post and told me his team name is NOT "Cheetah Girls." Hmm . . . funny, because that's what he told me his team name was, so, this is what he gets for yanking his mom's chain! Weeks into the season they do not yet have a team name. While it is the case that one of the mothers suggested the name Cheetah Girls, and it is being considered(?), another name being considered is Barcelona. I hope they come up with a name before the end of the season, and I hope having had this up for all the world to see teaches my son not to mess with me!
Although geekdom has replaced the world of sports in MY life, we also have a win to celebrate in that other arena today. Caleb's soccer team, Cheetah Girls (?????), won 3-0.
Don't even ask me. I had no vote when it came to choosing the team name!It was a hot, hot day, and the game was at 2pm.
Caleb has come a LONG way in his 4 years of play. He has gone from standing back kicking gopher holes to playing really good defense with excellent footwork and a strong kick.

When did he get so grown up?


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I'll let Caleb know. That will make him happy! He likes to have spectators at his games, so we will just imagine you there in spirit!