Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Things

I love teaching at the college level - for many reasons, but I used to do child-care, and I student taught in a third-grade classroom. There are things I do miss about that (and a LOT of things I really don't miss about that!). I got a neat reminder today of what I do miss. One of my students had his young daughter with him in class today. While he was taking notes, she was drawing and came up to me after class to give me what she drew - ME! - teaching. This has been one crazy busy week, but that one little thing just made my whole week. I've been smiling all day!
PS I'm glad I dressed up for class today! I didn't know ahead of time I was going to have my portrait done and had considered a casual-dress Thursday! She even noticed my necklace - wow!


Ellen said...

HOW CUTE!! That made me smile and it wasn't even of me! Glad you got a small blessing to cheer your day. It really is the little things, isn't it?

Hope to talk soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the chin length shag hair cut! (but a little shorter than I remember your hair being, but hey a great look on you!).
The dimples are also great!

Christian is at the age, almost 6, that he also does great family pictures. Kids' pictures are truly works of art. Paula

Heidi said...

How cool! I miss those days of my kids drawing pictures like that. Of course, now I'm enjoying these days, and I did save the pictures!

I'd love to see one of Christian's masterpieces sometime!

Other than the simple things being nice factor, what I really like about this picture is how skinny she perceived me to be! ;-D

Amy said...

It is a very sweet picture, but unlike you and Paula, my daughter is not quite drawing pictures yet. She does think that the crayons are pretty tasty though :)