Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Evening Post (Part 1)

Today was major geek day for me and Anthony. We played in our first ever PRE-release Magic Tournament. This was for the Shards of Alara set. You can't even buy these cards yet. The release is scheduled for next Friday night. I finally had the inaugural wearing of my totally awesome geek-shirt birthday present (see above).Here we are - candy and dice nearby - decks built - ready to GO!!Clearly things are not going my way right now. I've mentally blocked out exactly what happened, but I see when I enlarge the picture that my life total was at 3, so I think he had just made the killing move. This guy is REALLY good, though, so it's respectable to be beaten by him. I won 2 of 4 rounds overall and felt pretty good about that for an old lady! (Do you notice any other women in any of these photos? No. I alone am upholding the honor of womanhood in the domain of Magic the Gathering!)
Here is Anthony in action. He totally "owned." He won 3 of 4 rounds, 2 of them 2-0, so he won prizes - 4 boosters of these cards you can't buy yet! He was jazzed! (I'm so proud!)
I played red, green, white - and pulled an Ajani (Plainswalker), which was also the promo card, so I got to play it - worked well for me. I also had a Battlegrace Angel, which was what won me my games - exalted, lifelink, and flying - hard to beat. Anthony played red, black, green - and had a nice combo: Hellkite Overlord and Dragon Herald, which can allow him to search for the first card.


nethe said...

It is SO COOL to hear you talk of this. I am a big fan of Fantacy books (all kinds of books actually), yet have NO IDEA what this game is about.
I like the names of your cards!
"Battlegrace Angle", Hellkite Overlord", and "Plainswalker"! Names that inwoke retina images instantly!
If I ever got a horse, perhaps "Plainswalker" would be a fitting name if he had a big stride...
Hmm, dreaming of battles and magic and horses and ...

So fun reading about you guys having fun!

Heidi said...


Plainswalker would be a GREAT name for a horse!

I wonder if Magic the Gathering is sold in Norway? Knowing of the games you like and the topics you like, I know you would really enjoy this!

I'm going through all my cards right now making decks - one is going to be an elf deck - one is going to be called 'Arachnophobia' and will feature spiders and an ability called fear - among others I'm also making a holy/unholy deck with angels and fallen angels and with cards that give them more power like 'Holy Strength' and 'Unholy Strength.'

It's really a kick!

OK, I still want us to focus on shifting the weather. Please think cool thoughts in the direction of California, and I'll think warm thoughts in the direction of Norway. Today it is 93 degrees F here, which is, what, about 34 C? I'm ready for the cool weather of fall!

Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the B-Day present. I only wish I could be out there in CA to use them :( I can't wait till we get to come back out there. I think I have built some pretty good decks (I'll have to have Anthony double check this for me). Anyways, grats on the tourney. Say hi to everyone for me.
Your NC brother-in-law Mike :)

Heidi said...

Hey Mike!

Good to "see" you! I apologize for not having my sister's talent for card and gift-giving (on time!). She got ALL of those genes, and I got none and unfortunately "priority mail" does not include the "time-travel" package! We have been thinking of you nonetheless and are eager to get to see you again and have some more serious game playing!

Happy continued celebration!!

Heidi and Fam!