Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Day in the Life

Usually I have so many things to post I almost want to post more than one a day! As the semester winds down (I think that phrase should be winds UP!) my attention is quite focused on teaching and study related items. I miss posting so I thought I'd just write what's up with us as a family today-ish.

It's a Thursday, so we will, of course, be eating pizza.

Yesterday Anthony had a track meet. He usually runs the distance events in track, but he ran the 400 meters this time - my favorite race from my running days. His time was 68 sec., 5 seconds slower than my best 400m. He will soon surpass me, but for the moment I still hold the family record! (I don't know what David's best 400 was as he too was a distance runner, so I'm claiming the title while I still can!)

A while back I almost had a picture taken of me and Anthony and Jacob with a yardstick across the top of our heads, as we were all exactly the same height. It's too late for that as Jacob has quite suddenly now surpassed me (and his older brother) and is an inch taller. It had to happen some day, but it still feels weird to look up to my son! He's spending the night at a friend's house to work on a school project tonight. He'll be graduating from 8th grade this year.

Caleb is currently in his dad's office diligently doing his homework (and will be shorter than me for some time yet! :-) He made a wonderful book recommendation to me the other day; it's actually a series. The author is Margaret Haddix; the series is The Shadow Children, and the title of the first book is Among the Hidden. I couldn't put it down and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. If you're looking for a quick good read, I recommend it.

I taught my last class of the semester today, which means the end is in sight (after getting through the craziness of exam week). It's nice that my university semester goes a month longer than the college where I teach, because I'll then be able to FULLY focus on my studies and get all my ducks in a row for my research next semester. It's cool to see the pieces falling into place, and as they do I feel more and more enthusiastic. I'm feeling sick this week, so I'm moving a little slower in terms of getting things done, which is a bummer. I did do a presentation on fractals for my Math 20 students, and that was fun.

David is in the midst of his second week back full time. I'm concerned about him, because he is overly fatigued - more so than I think can be accounted for just in terms of being back full time. The fact that he's mentioning it has me worried, because he never complains about anything, so it must be pretty significant. I'm concerned it might be an issue with his closure device . He feels totally confident that it is just getting back into the full swing of things and finally realizing with completeness what he's been through and seeing more fully the effect it's had on him - maybe a slight depression associated with the scope of that realization. I can't help but worry about him. I sure hope I'm just being paranoid and that he's right!

We have a special birthday celebration coming up this weekend, my grandfather will be 95 on Sunday!

As to the rest, we're just keeping busy with the usual: church events, academic events, studies, work, sports events, music lessons, etc. (Notice I didn't mention housework. We'll worry about cleaning in 7 or 8 weeks - if we can still find the house, that is!) It's amazing how as the end of the school year approaches everything intensifies before it comes to the stop that is summer.

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Nethe said...

Hi Heidi! I´m just checking in on you, and it´s good to hear you are all returning to the normal buzz of life, including David. I´m amazed to hear he is back full time already! You worry about him being fatigued. I hope that all this has given him the ability to tune in to himself even more, so that he really is getting it right, when he says it´s just because he has been away and therefore get tired like anyone else who needs to get back in the game. He´ll know if it´s not.
So hang in there the next 7-8 weeks, -and then don´t worry too much about house cleaning, even then ;-)