Monday, April 07, 2008

Another First

This week marks David's first full week back at work since his stroke. To put it in perspective his last full 5-day week at work was the week before Halloween. So, this marks a new adjustment for him and us.

Insurance approval on his physical therapy ended last week. We are working on getting approval for him to go to English Oaks once a month - for feedback on progress and for suggestions from the physical therapists.

David is doing very well, and when we look back on the days when he could not even move in bed on his own we realize how far he has come, but there is a lot yet that has not come back that would be nice to have back, God willing. To give one example illustrating this, yesterday he and I went for a walk, and he apologized to me partway through, saying, "I'm sorry I'm not very communicative. I'm having to focus so much on getting this leg to do what it needs to do that I can't focus on having a conversation."

We are SO grateful for the healing he has experienced, but it is also the case that it sure would be wonderful if he could walk without having to concentrate on it so hard. We hope that can yet come.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers will not stop for you and David.
We are so happy and grateful for the improvement he has had. You are both truly special people and have been such a great example to us all. May God continue to bless all of the Meyer family.
The Brogdon Grandma :-)

Anonymous said...

The prayers continue on your behalf.
Adjusting to the "new" schedule has to be difficult on all of you.
We are so thankful for the progress that has been made, and continue to pray for a full and complete recovery.
Love you all,