Saturday, March 08, 2008

Runnin' with the Big Boys!

Anthony just ran in his first major high school track meet today. So big, in fact, that a national record was set there today - a 4:04 mile leg of the distance medley. (Anthony's mile time was somewhat slower. :-) The record was set by German Fernandez - a name to watch for in the future.
Anthony ran two events: the 1200 leg of the distance relay and the mile. Here he is getting the baton in the relay. In the next picture he and two of his team mates are checking in with David about their times.
In the next two photos Anthony is getting ready to run his mile - getting directions from the official.
The next two photos show the start and finish of the race. This is one of two heats of the boys frosh/soph mile, and they had so many running in each of the heats that they had to do a "waterfall staggered start with alleys," that's why you see what seem to be two different groups starting in different places at the same time. Notice Anthony's nice stride and strong finish. He definitely ran HIS race and ran it with confidence.
Of course David and I are so proud, and we would be no matter what, but given our own passion for running our enthusiasm is even greater than it might otherwise be. Here are pictures of me and David back in the day on our repsective track teams. Can you pick us out? (You can click to enlarge.)

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Tony said...

Great job Anthony! Do you throw up when you run like your dad used to do? : )

It was fun to see the Merced Bears represented there as well!