Monday, April 21, 2008

Better Late Than Never?

I would have posted this in a more timely fashion, but I am still catching up on my sleep after "springing ahead." UGH!

NPR Talk of the Nation aired a broadcast at the time of the change. According to the broadcast the time change is also hard on dairy cows. This is especially the case with "fall-back." Imagine the "udder pain" of having to wait an extra hour to be milked! It's not just painful but also unhealthy for them. From what I've read, chickens have a hard time adjusting too - takes weeks in both fall and spring. Also to be considered are the internal clocks in computers, some of which are programmed to make the change automatically. Then this past year congress changed the dates, so some computers changed when they shouldn't have and didn't change when they should have, which is either a minor inconvenience or a major problem depending on what the computer is being used for.

There are pro's as well as con's, but I personally happen to have sentiments along the lines of those of this cartoonist.

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