Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It has seemed kind of strange to have written two such long posts in the last 2 days relating to David's health situation again. Really not that much has happened or changed with HIS HEALTH in the last week or two, but suddenly with the beginning of the new semester I'm posting a lot and at length once more.

I mentioned this to my friend Ellen tonight, and in one sentence she made it all make sense! She put it so perfectly that I had to post this:

"Now that life is getting back to normal it's obvious that it's not normal."

Thanks Ellen!! That's it!


ellen said...

Love it when something can be summed up succinctly. It happens so rarely for me! Glad my comment resonated with you. :) Thinking of you and David and the boys as you adjust to the start of the semester.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to you know that we are thinking of, and praying for all of you as you start this new semester.
Would this be considered the next stretch of the marathon?
Hang in there. God has brought you this far...He is not going to stop now:)