Friday, January 18, 2008

Answer to Prayer

On January 10 I put up a post requesting prayers for David's physical therapy situation - prayers for him to be able to get the therapy most appropriate to his needs that is going to help him to maximize his recovery.

David has spent much time on the phone advocating for himself with the insurance company, his doctor's office, his current physical therapy place, his old physical therapy place, utilization management and lots of nurses! I know at the same time many prayers were being said for him.

He just now walked in the door and said, "Guess what?! I've been approved for 8 weeks of physical therapy back at English Oaks!"


Thank you for your prayers!

Not only has David not been progressing, but he's run into some trouble with severe knee pain, pain that feels like a torn miniscus (which he's had before, so he knows to describe it that way). In fact, the pain was such that he was getting concerned he had torn his miniscus and would now need surgery (again) on that TOO!

After speaking with my PT brother, we think the issue might be that he is doing his exercises slightly wrong, foot or leg slightly in the wrong position, and injuring his knee with all the repetitions he does daily. By being back at English Oaks he'll be working again with a therapist who knows him well and will work with him one-on-one and keep an eye on him throughout the session and who saw him through the early weeks of his recovery.



Anonymous said...

Woooo Hoooo!
Yeah God!

Amelia said...

Congratulations! We know that God always hears our prayers, but it sure is fun when He says "yes". Hang in there, David; you're doing great!