Monday, January 28, 2008

Follow-up Call

Not long after we got home David's doctor called. The surgeon in Sacramento had finally gotten ahold of him. David WILL be having a closure procedure done by the doctor in Sacramento. His cardiologist that we saw today will be assisting (or observing). I assume this means they will do the TE on the table to check for another hole and will patch one or both at that time depending on the outcome.

This will definitely take place on a Tuesday - although what Tuesday it will be we do not know yet. We are definitely on a "need to know" basis around here! Anyway, it was a relief to get that call.


Tony said...

I'm glad the Dr. in Sacramento finally communicated!

On a Tuesday, hmmmm... Tomorrow is a Tuesday...

I assume this is a major surgery, but am wondering if my assumption is incorrect. Have they let you know any specifics about the surgery?

Anonymous said...


Remember back when I stated the time will come when you just need a good cry? Well now I'd like to change that advice to a good SCREAM! just cancel everything in your lives for the next couple of months (on Tuesdays only of course) and wait....

Just praying for you....P

Anonymous said...

I guess from now on you can't plan anything on Tuesdays.

Oh brother. You would think the doctor could pinpoint the date a little more closely.