Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wall of Fame

On the wall of English Oaks is a poster featuring David and his story. I thought I would post it here as well. It's part of their "Look Who's Walking" series.
English Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is proud to announce a success story! Mr. David Meyer came to English Oaks from Memorial Hospital on November 11, 2007 after suffering a CVA. Being a marathon runner he redirected his determination and energy into long hours of rehabilitation! He has progressed to using a single point cane at the time of discharge. He will be returning to his wife and three sons upon discharge and eventually to his teaching job at Hickman Charter School. Mr. Meyer remarked that "God is good" and also spoke of how grateful he is to Earl and Jason for all their guidance as therapists! He will continue to work with both of them during his outpatient therapy.

English Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation strives to provide a caring and loving atmosphere for those in need of a healing environment. Our staff works hard to promote the best outcome for our patients.

Generations Healthcare is committed to excellence. Over 85% of patients who complete our rehab program are discharged to the community level.

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