Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Caught in the Act!

David was wandering around with the camera tonight and caught me doing the only thing anyone could catch me doing lately - studying! (Well, actually to the left of the binder, underneath my grade sheet, is a stack of finals I graded today.) The notes in that LARGE binder are for two classes only. As I keep saying, once this is all over with I'll be very glad David encouraged me to finish in spite of what else was going on in our lives . . .
That won't be long now, as my last final is tomorrow night. I certainly can't imagine having had to start all over. If only I can maintain my stamina through tomorrow night I'll cross this finish line. The grades I earn this semester will be the most hard won grades I have ever received!
Note to any of my students who might be reading this: Your grades have been posted electronically to the official school site; I will get the details, along with the write-up of the "pigeon problem," up on my homepage as soon as I can - might be a few days. The scores were good! You really rose to the occasion on those exams! As a class you finished well! I'm VERY impressed!


Tony said...

Hang in there! I'm hoping and praying that you cross the finish line well (then you can collapse!)

Heidi said...

Thanks Tony!

I have a semi-embarrassing little story. Tuesday, just before I handed out exams to my students one of them, knowing what my/our semester has consisted of, sweetly asked me what I was going to do when I got through "all this," without pausing I just blurted out vehemently that I was going to lie down on the floor and watch videos one after another until my brain rotted. :-)

Hmm . . . what kind of a thing is that for a math professor to say to her students who are going into education? (immediately before giving them THEIR exam?!)

I think my stress is showing!

I'm sure my video-induced-brain-rot seeking behavior will last about a day, and then I'll get sick of it and go back to the reading that I love, but right this minute the thought of interacting with ANYTHING in print (except my blog) makes me want to SCREAM.

OK, four more hours of studying, then three hours of exam taking, and then . . . aaahhhhhh! :-)

(Can ya tell I'm procrastinating at the moment?)

Thanks again for the encouragement! I sure have needed it to get to this point THIS particular semester!

Dixie said...

Well written article.