Tuesday, December 04, 2007

David Link

Now that David is home we are seeking as much normaly as possible, and it is coming, faster in some areas, slower in others.

One shift I am going to make to bring more normalcy to my life is to begin to intersperse my posts about David with posts containing things other than David's health - including once again the sorts of things I used to post about before all of this happened.

I will, of course, be continuing to post any news about David here on my main blog, but I am also making a page just for him so that if you are visiting this blog just for David updates you will be able to find JUST that. You can click here to go to the All David page, or you can click on the permanent red link on the side bar to the right in order to get there. (The same David information will be in posted in both places, you do not need to check both.)


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! How much longer are you in classes? I am so happy that you guys are able to visit with Dan for a while. Have you guys called Gina yet? Sorry I haven't writen lately. Your niece has not been sleeping, you know how that effects a person. Hope to talk with you soon.

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear you are all doing well. Hang in there will the final stretch of the semester.

It is great to hear that David is beginning to do some work from home. I bet he is loving that aspect of normalcy.

Kind of ironic when "normal" is so different than it used to be, huh?

Enjoy your visit with David's brother. Hope to speak to you soon.

Take Care!
Love, Tiffany

Bookish said...

We heard David has his own blog. How can we read it? Amy, Nancy and Sue from Hickman

Heidi said...

Well, technically it is just another page on THIS blog, but it is one where I will leave out all other posts and include only what I post on David, so that his updates are easier to find.

To go to the "All David" page, click on the word DAVID in red all caps on the right on the main page under my picture.

Let me know if you run into any glitches finding him. :-)