Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tying up my Camel

If you're wondering where I am this week, you can find me tying up my camel.

Why do I need to tie up my camel?

Well, I'm in the final stretch for the semester. I've finished writing the book that was the project for my independent study, and I'm in the middle of exam week. In the midst of my study a friend saw me with books up to my eyeballs and flashcards everywhere and asked if I wouldn't rather just set that all aside and pray instead.

That sure sounds good! It would be a lot easier praying all week that God will help me do well on the exam than it is to go over and over my 83 flash cards and old homework assignments and my textbook and 244 pages of densely written mathematical notes - reworking problems and reproving theorems from scratch. As much as I believe in God and answered prayer, I do think the old sayings are true, "The Lord helps those who help themselves," and "Pray as if it all depends on God, but work as if it all depends on you." I just don't think God is going to hand me an A on the final if I pray INSTEAD OF studying.

I've heard that in parts of the Middle-east they say it this way:

"Trust God, but tie up your camel."

Bye! I'm heading out to tie up that camel nice and tight!


David Meyer said...

How about if I do the praying to back up your studying? I'm praying!

ellen said...

Good luck with exams! I know you've worked incredibly hard, and I have every confidence that you're going to do well. And then hopefully you can come up for air. :)

Heidi said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement and prayers!

There is so much material, that as I study I feel like I am trying to move a mountain of sand with a pair of tweezers. I just hope I'm moving the RIGHT grains of sand!