Saturday, May 12, 2007

In the Cards

One of my quirky goals in life is to create a deck of "found cards." This is my set so far. As you can see people must have a particular dislike for Kings of Hearts, Kings of Spades, Queens of Diamonds, and Sevens of Clubs.

I'm posting this today because my deck grew tonight as I walked through a parking lot and made a find. When I find a card, I always wonder how it ended up on the ground by itself. When I play cards I get the deck out, play, and then put the deck away . . .

Oh well. Other people must have a different "card philosophy," and it is because of that that I can pursue this quirky goal!

I wonder if over the course of my life I will be able to build a complete deck of "found cards."

(And . . . uh . . . no jokes in the comments about not playing with a full deck!)

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