Thursday, May 24, 2007

Much Needed Laugh

I love my book club! The members are great people, and the conversation is always stimulating. It is a tranquil sea of rationality in this crazy world.

Unfortunately and uncharacteristically I FORGOT we had a meeting this past Tuesday. I've been in the midst of very focused study all week. Typically if I cannot attend I let the leader know - in case others also cannot, and it needs to be canceled.


After the meeting, which was rather poorly attended, the leader sent out a message to all of us proposing dates for our next meeting, the finale of the season - always great fun - first a trip to the Pub for dinner and conversation, followed by a movie. This time the movie will be "Stranger than Fiction" with Emma Thompson.

I felt bad having neither shown up nor having made contact, so I responded to his email with the following:

Hi all!

I'm sorry I didn't write in to say I could not come. My brain has been emptied of everything but Riemann Integrability and Cauchy Criterion and Convergence Tests. My final is Friday, but my brain should be functioning again after that - and eager for some fun and relaxation!

I agree with Leslie's recommendation - saw it in the theater when it first came out but would like to see it again - very thought provoking.

Both dates are entirely open for me! YEA! I'm fine with either one.

- looking forward to seeing everyone then!

A fellow member responded with the following:

Good grief, Heidi, do you have to get shots for those?

That provided a much needed laugh for me this week!

If you happen to read this Friday, May 25 before 11am Pacific Time (or between 11:00am and 1:15pm, which is when my exam is taking place), I'd sure appreciate prayers - for recall, creativity, inspiration, and perhaps divine intervention!



ellen said...

Will be praying! I know you'll do a great job. :)

David Meyer said...

I'm praying H! In just over 5 hours it will all be over. Go get 'em!

Tony said...

I got this just in time! Thank goodness for the three hour time difference or I would have missed it! I'll be praying for you today! May God grant you wisdom, clarity of mind, and even peace and joy through the process!

Anonymous said...

Wow Heidi, was just catching up on your blog & got here just in time to pray, as you are just now probably on your way to your exam. Praying that all that stuff you've been studying (whatever it is about?) will be there in your head when you need it!

Heidi said...

HUGE THANKS to all of you - those that commented here and those that sent emails instead - for your support and prayers!

I just finished the exam, and I feel VERY good about it, much better than I thought I would.

I did study very hard, but this sort of test can have quite unexpected curve-balls, and even a slight change to the problem can make the approach to it entirely different - so no matter how much study I put in, divine intervention may still be needed in order to do well!

Two questions were of the type: Give an example of the following and check why the example works or explain why it is impossible to find such and example. This is hard, because we don't even know if it exists to begin with. Also, what we are needing to show is very abstract, based on all our theorems, so this is VERY open ended.

Sorry to go on and on, but I'm still running on the post-exam adrenaline.

In a word: THANKS!!!