Monday, May 07, 2007

Driven Crazy!

I sometimes wish I had a loudspeaker on my vehicle so I could "commicate" with other drivers.

Here are my top four driving pet-peeves:


I hate trying to turn left and waiting for another driver to pass who then makes a right turn onto the street where I am waiting, which means that if they had used their turn signal I could have turned left and been on my way instead of purposelessly waiting for them. How hard is it to make a slight movement of the wrist and flip the turn signal on??


It is so discourteous when coming to an intersection to be in the middle of the lane, which means that people wanting to turn right cannot get past until the light changes or the person hogging the center is FINALLY able to make their left-hand turn onto a busy street. If a person is not turning right, they should be as far to the left side of the lane as they can be so people turning right can do so! It's just common sense and common courtesy.


Smokers who litter cigarette butts from their car window obviously don't want that garbage in their car. Why do they think I want it in my world if they don't even want it in their car??? Is the interior of their car more important than this world we all inhabit and would like to enjoy the beauty of? Is it that they think somebody will pick up after them even though they are unwilling to empty their own trash out of an ash tray? I wonder who they think that clean-up person is. (I've also heard of a still hot cigarette butt flung out a window coming into the open window of the driver behind them and burning that person. This is DANGEROUS as well as rude!)


Why don't these drivers get it when people in the two lanes to the right of them, which are supposed to be the slow lanes, are going faster than they are? Don't they notice the line of 15 cars behind them bumper to bumper eventually pulling over, passing on the right, giving them dirty looks as they pass, and then pulling in right in front of them - car after car after car after car? HELLO! On major highways there are 3 lanes: slow, medium and fast. I wish these people would choose the appropriate lane. Why do they want to be in the fast lane anyway with angry drivers tailing them?

If I had a PA system, I guess I would say, "Are you really THAT clueless or do you just think you're more important than the rest of us or do you just not really comprehend that the rest of us even exist?" I'm sure it's a good thing I cannot do this or I probably wouldn't still be alive to be writing this given the high incidence of road rage out there and the possibility that these people may have more skill with a gun than they have with a car!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Do I sense a little bit of pent up road rage here?

Not that I don't agree with many of the issues you bring up here. I have always wondered why it is okay to litter cigarette butts. You see people dropping them on the ground all of the time (Probably because it is safer than dropping them into a trash can), often times still smoldering. I don't get it. The other item that I often see easily trashed is lottery tickets. I guess if they aren't winners, you might as well just drop them on the ground in dissappointment, right?

There, I've now put in my two cents worth. Can you guess who I am?

Heidi said...

Well, maybe a little :-)

But don't worry, I don't act on it (other than to drive my children crazy by "talking" to the other drivers from the privacy of our vehicle). Even while being driven crazy, I remain a courteous driver - do use my turn signals, am aware of others and move so they can be on their way, etc.

(Part of what inspired this post was actually a BIKE ride I took Sunday in which drivers would not even pull over a bit for me on a bicycle, and I had to keep stopping and waiting for traffic to pass rather than take a chance on riding around a parked car for fear of being hit by traffic).

This clearly is truly anonymous as I cannot tell who you are. I'm intrigued. Will you email or post again and let me know?