Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heads AND Tails

As of today I am officially accepted (once again – but later in life) to grad school.

What I mean by “heads AND tails” is that I will be experiencing both sides of the education coin at the same time.

My memory seems to be failing me as I nearly wrote that this is the FIRST time I will be in grad school AND employed as a teacher simultaneously, but that’s not true – did that 18 years ago. (I guess I’d better hurry up and get through the program before dementia sets in further!) It just feels like a first for me because this time I am the mother of three children. That will certainly make it a whole new experience. We will see how good a juggler I am!

I’m excited. Of course it always feels good to be "accepted!" I’m ALWAYS eager to LEARN more. I am also enjoying looking ahead to the potential outcome of this course of study – writing, consulting, further teaching. I’m eager not only to learn the material but also to glean some ideas from watching others teach.

I’ve always been a very, very understanding and sympathetic teacher (while yet maintaining important standards). I wonder if doing this "heads and tails" thing will make me ever more understanding of my students or if it will make me less patient with excuses. Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, once this all begins, my lovely new hobby of blogging will have to take a bit more of a back seat with posts being a bit fewer and further between, but they will certainly keep coming. I’m sure as I learn more I will have more ideas percolating that I want to get out there.

Here’s to new paths and new learning!


Anonymous said...

Congrats H! What is the lucky school that gets the honor of your presence as a student? I'm excited for you!

Heidi said...

I will be going to California State University Stanislaus working on an interdiciplinary degree focusing on "mathsemantic cognition," which will include a mix of mathematics, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, education and cognitive studies. I will be studying logic and intelligence, math as a language, how symbols convey meaning, and how people understand mathematics, among other things. I'm really looking forward to it!

Amy said...

Congratulations Heidi...I think this new path is going to suit you perfectly. Everything happens or doesn’t happen to lead you to your right path. I think you are on it.

Heidi said...

Thanks, Amy! I think I'm on the right path too - feels like a good fit - feels right. I appreciate your encouragement!