Wednesday, September 01, 2010


My apologies to all family and friends to whom I may seem to have fallen off the planet. I've got the perfect storm going on over here, and we are in survival mode. We're in good spirits, and all is well, but we are only managing the necessities of life. I haven't even had time to follow up "A Mother's Therapy (Part 1)" with a Part 2!

It's so crazy it's almost funny.

Last week we got Anthony all set to go, and, as we should have expected, unexpected extra errands came up. We began processing the emotion of sending a child off to college for the first time. My new semester of work began (with all the requisite inservices and meetings) - so I had to put my emotional processing on hold. David is in Michigan for college orientation with Anthony, so I'm "single-parenting." And, hey, why not, we threw in some extra social activities over the weekend. Oh, and I had a birthday in there somewhere too.

And then I got sick!!!! (which made my 9:35am to 9:05pm teaching day yesterday a bit of a challenge)

It's kind of a fun challenge though - to have all that in the works - and to make it work - just as long as I don't have to do it too long!

Did you hear that David? COME HOME SOON!!

I got a message from Anthony this morning that has had me smiling all day in the midst of our "storm" over here. It looks like he's got some great people in his room and suite and floor. At least two of them play Magic! YEA! And he not only got classes he needs but the ones he was most hoping for - Honors Calculus III, Fundamental Questions in Philosophy, Introductory Physics: Mechanics and Gravity, and Biblical Literature and Theology. His brain is going to be so happy! And that makes his momma happy too! I've had a goofy grin of happiness on my face all day!

And, by the way, David, COME HOME SOON! :-)

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