Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Mother's Therapy (Part 1)

I am up late even though I have to get up super early . . . but sending one's first-born 2000 miles away to his freshman year in college can cause one to be unable to sleep, and that is the situation in which I find myself. So, in an attempt to reconcile myself to how the years have passed I pulled out picture albums -- and found about a hundred thousand pictures I want to scan and post -- if for no one other than myself! I am tired, though and ran out of steam once I hit "First Day of Kindergarten!" So I'm putting up what I've got so far with more to come. I can't believe I'll be saying "good-bye" to this guy at 4:15 tomorrow morning. Where DID the years go?!

Daddy loved it when Anthony "melted" on him.
Look at those baby blues!!

An early outing to one of our favorite places, Knight's Ferry.

We taught our kids many things early on. Here Anthony is learning to skip stones.

David and Anthony at another of our favorite places, Capitola.

Getting acquainted with the ocean.

A first trip to Yosemite -- seems happy about it!

The classic one year picture.

Back at Knight's Ferry -- a pensive moment.

Always good to have Dad to lean on!

Anthony in his "suit-coat" -- his favorite church attire back then.

-- helping Dad mow the lawn.

In the backyard by Mom's daffodills.

Back at Knight's Ferry and finding an interesting sight.

Like I said, we teach 'em young, and what's more important than card games?

Ah yes, the long ago Duplo days -- always building -- later it was K'nex.


First day of kindergarten . . .

. . . and now off to bed for this mom or she won't be able to get up at 4 to see him off!


regina fernandes said...

I'm lookin at your pictures and getting emotional thinking of my children and there lives through pictures. I dont know how you did it and not shed serious tears. Good luck tomorrow and I hope he has a safe trip !!

Heidi said...

I did shed some serious tears last night, but I've been trying to hold it together so as not to freak him out too much! I know there are more to come, but I'm SO excited for him! As rough as parting is on a mother's heart, it's such a joy to see him spread his wings and fly too! It's still totally surreal, though . . .

I love seeing your fb posts about your kids. Keep on savoring those moments and being the great mom you are!

Thanks for your kind note!