Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Stuff

Although it has often seemed like ALL work and NO play of late, having downloaded my pictures from the last few months was a good reminder that this is not ENTIRELY true. I've seen some beauty - played some games - and enjoyed some celebrations:

Beauty is always a wonderful consolation!See the moon?I love the February blossoms, but as quickly as they come they go . . .March clouds as seen from our front yard.My transplanted lilies bloomed at the new house. Yea! Here's hoping they grow strong and healthy and full like they were at the old house!My youngest turned 13. I'm now the mother of 3 teenagers. How can that be?!
We all enjoyed dinner!Caleb enjoyed the gifts and cards!Sierra enjoyed the birthday cake!And little Ava enjoyed Aunt Heidi's fingers!Track season has begun. Anthony is the blond in the white shirt near the right.Anthony just before the 1600m. He's been PR-ing in every event this season!It's California, what can I say? The pool pictures were taken last weekend, March 27. Of course Caleb is a fish. The rest of us didn't go in!That afternoon we also played our fun new game Tales of the Arabian Nights. (THANKS ROSS!)Meanwhile Anthony and David played ping-pong.And then this weekend, Easter noon meal at our place . . . . . . and more Arabian Nights - this time with brother/uncle Tim joining in. BTW, Ross, if you are reading, I won big time! I had "Respected" and "Robe of Honor," and it just kept getting better and better! :-)And now to finish with signature Jacob - real breakfast and a smiley!

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edibooks said...

Heidi, enjoyed your pictures and posts! I'm glad your semester is winding down and you'll be a free woman soon! I leave for Seattle to help landscape my daughter's new home for a week. Hate to say this, but Michigan has been enjoying 70-80 degrees, while the West Coast has been cold and rainy. My pear trees are just popping their blossoms. Edi