Saturday, April 03, 2010

Finishing Kick

I keep wanting to post, but I've been in this strange spot as I finish the semester. In many ways I've hit my stride and am feeling less pressure and busyness that I had earlier, but in other ways it seems the weariness of it all has fully caught up with me, and I'm having to push really hard to finish off the semester.

David and the boys are on spring break, and I'm in a weird spot with that too. It's Easter weekend, so it feels like a holiday. We're having family over to our house tomorrow for a big noon meal, so it feels like a holiday. And David and the boys were home Friday and will be off all next week, so it feels like a holiday. My mind and body just want to relax, and I have to keep reminding myself that I need to be prepared to teach Monday!

In three weeks I'm done teaching classes, and then there is a week of exams, so I'm almost there, but I fear this year I have spring fever as strongly as my students!

I pushed through it today and am planned for 2 classes (for the week), have graded calculus quizzes, have written a test and have also done some necessary end-of-semester organizing. What is left is to finish is some other grading and recording grades and preparing (reviewing) to teach calculus.

I've had lots of cool stuff going on too in the midst of it all - lunch out with a friend Thursday - and with another friend Friday - good times! Also had a celebration at a colleague's house Friday night (an "I-can-see-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-and-I'm-still-alive-to-see-it-so-let's-have-mint-juleps" celebration - so clearly I'm not the only one feeling this way!) - then Good Friday service after that. I did a bit of cleaning in the house today, and I even got some time in to go to the park with Caleb and play a bit of soccer and a bit of basketball. I think he's going to be my workout partner once the semester is over and I can think about such things!

So time is filled with much variety.

Today marks the 6 month mark of being in our new house. It does feel more and more like home all the time, but if I were on vacation far away and thinking of home I would still think of the old house. I guess it just takes a while. This is a lovely, lovely place, and we are so blessed - just need more time to make memories here! Six months can't compare to 19 years! I think once the weather warms up for us to be outside and in the pool a lot that will make a real impact on all of us - in many good ways!

David is using his vacation time to do some yardwork. He finally put some bushes in the front, which he hopes to shape into hedges - after having talked about it for much of the last 6 months, and I know that felt good to him. We hope to hang some pictures yet this weekend too - still have only hung ONE picture in our new house!! In the old one we had pictures up everywhere!

Tonight yet, although it's a bit late to get started, I'd like to watch "The Passion of the Christ" in order to really prepare for Easter services tomorrow - so off I go!

That's the news from the home front - and I'll keep pushing my way through to that light at the end of the tunnel, and then we'll see what I can do about making our new house more of a home and maybe even doing some exercising - and reading - LOTS of reading - and writing - LOTS of writing!!

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