Friday, April 30, 2010

Graduation Inspiration

I am so glad I went to graduation tonight! It's been a tough year and a tough week and a tough day, and then I went and saw my students from this semester and previous semesters receiving the reward they've earned, and I heard motivational speakers, and I got all dressed up in my regalia and hung out with my colleagues also in their regalia, and all of a sudden I was just inspired to keep on going and to give it my all!

Here is the faculty processing in:As witness to how insanely busy I've been, I didn't even realize Academy Award Nominee for Best Actor (and MJC alumnus) Jeremy Renner was one of the speakers. Here he is being escorted in by security and then speaking:Here is one of my former students whom I will never forget and who is one of the most inspirational human beings I have ever met - not only does he daily overcome great odds, but I have NEVER heard an excuse or even one negative word come out of his mouth - always encouraging others! When I grow up I want to be like him!Another cool student I've had the privilege to work with:And the faculty processing out:All in all a very good evening. Congratulations to the graduates!!!

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