Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunshine and Clouds

After nearly a week of gray skies and nearly incessant wind and rain the sun made a welcome appearance. I took a break from my work to walk and enjoyed the sunshine and clouds!The clouds are so varied in shape and color! I can see why David misses his Michigan clouds out here in California of the typically blue and entirely cloudless skies.It's been pretty damp, which has made the fungus happy!Over our house it seems the sky is undecided today, split between sun and shower.


edibooks said...

Heidi, your post brought back a memory from long ago--at least forty years, if not more. It must have been in the fall, after heavy rain showers in the valley, and the cloud bank had moved to the east; the westering sun was shining full on them, outlining every curve and hollow. I got home from school and saw the Atlantean white mounds shimmering off near the horizon, slow as whales. I stood out in the back garden and watched them for at least an hour. It is one of my clearest memories. Which goes to show how rare clouds are in the San Joaquin Valley. Even today I will sit on our back deck in Grand Rapids (in warmer weather) and just watch the clouds drift or race or threaten overhead. Clouds are amazing. Thanks for your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures of the clouds. They were probably taken at the same time as Mom and I were taking the Blazer out for a drive in the country to charge the battery and I tried to take some pictures with my camera phone and they did not come out very well. I wished i would have brought my camera along.