Saturday, January 16, 2010



Losing one glove
is certainly painful,
but nothing
compared to the pain,
of losing one,
throwing away the other,
and finding
the first one again.
- by my favorite poet/mathematician/game inventor Piet Hein :-)

OH! And here's another I hadn't seen before - just now found it on a Norwegian blog. I'm not sure what the standard English translation is, but this sounds good to me!

Husk at glemme bagateller.
Husk at nemme hvad det gælder.
Husk at elske, mens du tør det.
Husk at leve, mens du gør det.

A very free translation:

Remember to forget the unimportant details.
Remember to understand what is important.
Remember to love, while you still dare to.
Remember to live, while you are still alive.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the glove issue is the same with socks...that's why I have an entire drawer in my laundry room full of single if their mate would just show up before my kids outgrow them...

Polly Penguin said...

Thumbs make lost gloves almost twice as bad as lost socks!