Saturday, January 09, 2010

Reaching Back

Well, as of Monday vacation will be officially over over - although I've already been attending meetings and planning and preparing all week and throughout the break. Before getting back in the classroom I just want to look back at break - times of fellowship and gaming and celebrating - what a good break we had!!

For the first time since August I got to truly relax . . . ahh . . . so many books, so little time!!We had friends and family over and played lots and lots of games! I even played a game of solitaire Mah-jongh and won. Here's the proof (might not happen again for a while!).We had fun celebrating the season - decorating our new house for the first time - having everyone at our place for the Christmas day meal - getting cards, letters and pictures from friends and family near and far - good stuff!
I love this picture Sierra took of me at our family party!We celebrated at Mom and Dad's too! . . . and the guys opened gifts grom Grandma in Michigan!David and the boys were back at it a week ago - note the somber expressions - actually they've made a good transition back, and I trust I will too, but it's good to look back and remember the awesome (and much needed) break that we had!
Happy New Year everyone!


strangerland said...


ranfuchs said...

It seems that catching up with all the books in such short time makes your relaxation quite stressful :)

edibooks said...

Heidi, so glad your break was a good one! My break comes after Christmas, not during; it was a blur. I hope to be in Ripon for the almond blossoms, and maybe we have time for a cup of coffee then. It's too long to wait for your visit this summer to GR! Wonderful pics of your family celebrations. You guys are really game-crazy!

Heidi said...

strangerland - I'd love to hear you expand on your comment. I'm curious, but I'm afraid I don't follow :-(

ranfuchs - it's true!! - and I keep shifting from fiction (of various sorts) to mathematics to poetry in my eagerness to delve in - kind of like gorging on food over Christmas!

edi - yes, please! I'd love to get together! I hope I have my act together by that time - new semester - two new preps (tricky ones), and I'm still finding my footing, nearly every moment spent planning - books open while eating breakfast and dinner - but I'd sure better be able to take a break by Almond Blossom time!! :-)

And, yes, we are game crazy!!